Maemo Gjiten

Timothy B. Terriberry

This is a port of Gjiten, the GNOME Japanese dictionary, to the Hildon Application Framework for the Nokia N800 and N810. Gjiten contains word lookup in both Japanese and English with advanced features such as verb and adjective deconjugation as well as a kanji dictionary that can search on any combination of a stroke count, included radicals, or an explicit search key, including phonetic readings.


One-click install files can be found here:

OS 2007 (bora)
OS 2008 (chinook)
OS 2009 (fremantle)

Please see to obtain individual dictionary files and updates.

To make the program useful, you will also need a Japanese font and a Japanese input method. These are provided by the maemocjk project. A one-click install file for Japanese language support can be found here:

OS 2007 (bora)
OS 2008 (chinook and diablo)

In order to use the Unicode radical character option (to properly display radicals that never appear by themselves in a normal kanji character), you will need a font that includes them. The Arphic fonts ShanHeiSun or ZenKai are the only freely-available fonts I know with these characters, but just one requires 20MB of space to install. Nevertheless, you can install ShanHeiSun via the following link:

OS 2007 (bora) & OS 2008 (chinook)


The application has been completely "Hildonized", with controls and layouts adapted to the screen size to ensure everything fits with the default font size. Fullscreen operation is supported, but the zoom buttons do not yet automatically adjust the font size. Several screenshots of the application in operation are available (click for full-sized images).

Source Code, Bug Reports, etc.

This project is currently hosted in the Maemo garage. Please see the project page to obtain source code, report bugs, track release, etc.